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Midnight lyrics


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        Things will never be the same
    Still I'm awfully glad I came
    Resonating in the shape of things to come
    Never waiting when I know there's only one.
    Messed it up but rest assured
    No one ever thinks they're cured
    Just a minute while I reinvent myself
    Make it up and then I take it off the shelf
    Pre Chorus:
    Over the laws of light
    Over the moon by midnight
    Let's do it all this time
    Everyone wishing well we go
    Everyone knows Anything goes
    We are the Lotus kids
    Better take note of this
    For the story
    The rising moon is on the shine
    The blood of scorpios and nine
    Like the fear that's in eyes of every doe
    Say it now cause John and Jane would like to know
    Is it safe inside your head
    Songs to seranade the dead
    All along I said I know no enemies
    Mix it up until there are no pedigrees
    Pre Chorus
    Pre Chorus
    Enter the rolling tide
    Over the ocean so wide
    Let's do it all this time
    Everyone wishing well we go
    Chorus X3
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